API Services

Leverage the power of data

For over a decade, Counterpart has utilized an API architecture in every software solution.  API (or application programming interface) is widely embraced for sharing data and executing pre-defined processes.  It is the industry standard way of integrating systems and allowing data to flow in and out of software platforms.

Our API development services will allow any software platform to interact seamlessly and leverage data from multiple sources.  This allows any user to utilize the data they need for optimal results.

The API development services we create specifically for you will be rooted in strategy, design, data and experience. We invest the time necessary to understand your business, the desired outcome, identify all the data sources necessary to empower your user base, avoid any unnecessary costs, minimize risks, and maximize results. Let us wield our API development expertise to seize an opportunity, bring your idea to life or simply solve a problem.

API Expertise:

  • Custom API Development
  • API Integration Services
  • API Architecture
  • Data Science
Key Benefits

Increase Productivity

Encourages Innovation

Improves Collaboration

Data-based Decisions

Data Integration

API Services Case Studies

  • Mobile App

Quillo’s goal was to target agencies who provide care to those with disabilities because research showed that when employees feel engaged, inspired, and educated, they are more likely to feel connected to their work and therefore less likely to leave. Quillo believed they had a solution and wanted to leverage technology to reach their audience in the field where they worked.

  • Web App

After 65 years of serving as a premiere source for photo, video, audio and electronics equipment, Robert’s Camera was ready to update their internal backend technology to a more comprehensive solution.

  • Web App

PayK12 came to us with an existing piece of software that needed to be refreshed in new technology and supported by more than a single developer working on it on the side.