Let your team do what they do best

There are A LOT of process automation platforms available today. And there are thousands of reasons why so many businesses leverage automation. Process automation allows software to do what it does best and humans to focus where they’re needed.

Counterpart specializes in process automation when the off-the-shelf platforms either don’t work for your business or you don’t want to change your process to fit an existing platform. Our custom automation platforms have not only increased efficiency and productivity, they’ve also more than paid for themselves when factoring all the costs involved in annual licensing and customizations.  

The process automation solution we create specifically for you will be rooted in strategy, design, data and experience. We take the time to understand your business, your goals, architect the right solution, avoid any unnecessary costs, minimize risks, and maximize results. Let us wield our process automation expertise to seize an opportunity, increase your capacity or simply solve a problem.


Automation Expertise:

  • Identify Opportunities
  • Hardware Integration
  • Data Metrics
  • Process Mapping
  • Implement Governance
Key Benefits

Increase Efficiency

Increase Output

Reduce Costs

Eliminate Needless Mistakes


Automation Case Studies

  • Web App

By choosing custom software, NPCA received a comprehensive solution tailored to their unique challenges and workflows.

  • Web App

Communication is a cornerstone to every business. It provides vision, direction, and training. It also creates efficiency and provides clarity to teams, especially for teams that work across multiple locations.

  • Web App

After 65 years of serving as a premiere source for photo, video, audio and electronics equipment, Robert’s Camera was ready to update their internal backend technology to a more comprehensive solution.