Communication is a cornerstone to every business.

What We Did:
  • Custom Communication and Messaging Too
  • Product Development Manager
Technology Stack:
  • C#
  • AngularJS
  • MS SQL
  • MVC
  • Azure WebJobs

“We have been successfully using the newest release of the Dimensions software for a few weeks and have mostly abandoned our previous tracking and cataloging systems. This is a HUGE accomplishment for our team and an increase to our efficiency that is not insignificant."

Ryan McNew

Vice President of Operations

The Client

Communication is a cornerstone to every business. It provides vision, direction, and training. It also creates efficiency and provides clarity to teams, especially for teams that work across multiple locations around the world. When day-to-day communication feels disjointed, it can have a major impact on productivity. When we started working with the team at Dimensions Furniture, improving communication was a driving theme across many of their goals for the project. Dimensions Furniture designs and builds custom furniture for large retailers like Wal-Mart, as well as other online retailers. With their main office in Carmel, Indiana and additional offices in China and Vietnam, they were looking for a solution that would bring more efficiency to project management, especially when working with their overseas teams. They needed a tool that would streamline their process and provide better organization for project details, particularly related to all the daily communication that takes place between their offices.

The Challenge

We set out to create a custom software solution for Dimensions that would provide more visibility into their project workflow and streamline how their teams communicate with each other. This first phase of work focused on their Product Development workflow, which includes managing multiple tasks for several items and customers, tracking deadlines, and often coordinating with different factories. Each task included multiple threads of communication between the US office and the overseas offices that are at least 12 hours apart. We worked closely with the Dimensions team to design and build a software solution that would be intuitive enough to easily integrate into their already fast-paced work environment.

The Solution

Soon after Dimensions introduced the new software to both their US and overseas teams, they shared how the software is creating efficiencies by providing more central communication, instead of communications coming from multiple sources- i.e. emails, texts, or even walking back and forth between offices. Hearing comments that the software has “exceeded expectations” and is “saving hours of time for multiple people”’ is exciting. We’re always grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with our clients and provide solutions that meet their goals and make a positive impact on their business.