Robert’s Camera was ready to update their internal backend technology to a more comprehensive solution.

What We Did:
  • Custom POS with hardware integration
  • Third-party integrations
  • Fully custom workflow automation
Technology Stack:
  • C#
  • AngularJS
  • MS SQL
  • MVC
  • Azure WebJobs

"What had started out as a somewhat idealistic vision of how to make our used processes more efficient, was quickly and efficiently brought to life in the hands of the Counterpart team. They were able to learn my business quickly and effectively enough to forecast pitfalls and issues we may face in the future. The new software has enabled us to become as efficient as I had hoped and allow us to offer our customers a large variety of products much more quickly than in the past!"

Corey Reinker

Director of UsedPhotoPro

The Client

After 65 years of serving as a premiere source for photo, video, audio and electronics equipment, Robert’s Camera was ready to update their internal backend technology to a more comprehensive solution. Their existing technology was outdated and did not fully support their detailed and multi-step workflow. Robert’s needed a custom solution that would start with the Buyer purchasing gear, all the way through sorting, cleaning, and every other step that ultimately leads to listing gear available for purchase. Knowing their workflow was such a complex process, Robert’s wanted an experienced partner that would dig into their business to fully understand the various user roles at play and help them think about their business differently.

The Challenge

The Counterpart team set out to build a software that would create efficiencies and streamline the purchasing experience. With a variety of Robert’s team members interacting with the software at various steps along the way, it was important to create an intuitive and seamless workflow. With such an extensive used product offering across multiple manufacturers and models, the software needed to be flexible and representative of all product variables. The new software also needed a more dependable solution when integrating with 3rd party software like eBay and Magento. To inform ongoing business decisions, the Robert’s management team needed custom reporting functionality for various business metrics.

The Solution

The software created for Robert’s Camera showcases how the right technology can increase productivity, enhance the user experience and positively impact the bottom line for a business. Since their launch in October 2020, we have been able to add ongoing enhancements that have allowed the Robert’s team to be more efficient and ultimately get used products in front of their customers faster. Custom reports have helped management identify potential problems in their purchasing workflow. Moving their physical inventory process to an online process within the software has saved countless hours for the Robert’s team. By providing a software solution that improves the entire purchasing workflow, it has helped the Robert’s Camera team stay focused on customer satisfaction, which is always the number one priority.