PayK12 came to us with existing software that needed to be refreshed in new technology.

What We Did:
  • Custom POS with Hardware Integration
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Full Business Solution
  • Metric and Workflow Dashboard Custom Product
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • E-Commerce
Technology Stack:
  • C#
  • Web API
  • Microsoft SQL
  • JQuery

"The team at Counterpart consistently over-delivered on our expectations concerning the development of our system and the service offered after its launch. Jason, Tyler, and the team felt more like an integrated part of our organization during the process than a development agency... and that says a lot. They made sure our new system was a success and thanks to them, it is!"

TJ Markland

Chief Executive Officer

The Client

PayK12 came to us with an existing piece of software that needed to be refreshed in new technology and supported by more than a single developer working on it on the side. With so many enhancements that couldn’t be incorporated into their old software, they needed a more robust system than what they currently had. This consisted of selling tickets to school events such as basketball games, school plays, fundraisers, and more. Another desired feature was an easy way for students and parents to pay all fees to the school. These fees could range from paying for lunch at the cafeteria to their bus fare.

Their main goal was to be a full-service eCommerce site for K-12 schools that didn’t have an online presence to use a credit card to pay. They wanted to create an all-in-one platform where you can go to purchase a school pass, buy a t-shirt to show school spirit, or even purchase your hot dog combo at the school’s football game. A platform where schools can sell anything they want online all without having to worry about taking credit cards because the system will take care of the rest.

Little did they know that another challenge would hit in 2020. They would need the ability to safely add social distancing to any in-person events as well as provide contactless options.

The Challenge

Together, we re-architected their existing system into a completely customized “do it yourself” product builder. With administrative access, you are now able to put in whatever you want to offer. Even though it is built for schools to be able to use the software on their own, the PayK12 team provides assistance at any point.

Furthermore, they have even recently expanded to add additional features. One is flexible payment plans on items such as laptops. Where they could choose a plan such as $50 every other week or $100 on the first of every month. They also added ways to integrate other systems like Skyward. Skyward allows schools to track food service balances and fees that the students owe but it doesn’t take payments. Now they can take payment and tell the integrated software that it has been paid. Parents can even add lunch money to the child’s account. Also, with its Ticketmaster-like features, you are able to pick your seats out ahead of time in the facility for each event.

PayK12 now has a robust backend for each school’s administrator to be able to run reports for the sales they make. With over twenty different reporting options for each item, whether it be by a student, month, event type, product sold, department, etc. they can see where the money is currently located and when it has been deposited into their account. With their new features  for school administrators, they now have the ability to scale larger than ever before.

The Solution

In August 2020, PayK12 went live with their customers to smoothly transition them from the old system to their new platform. Even through 2021, the PayK12 system sold over one million tickets and passes to various events for a total of $6.7 million and processed over 975,000 orders with a total sales volume of over $10,000,000. Now, in 2022, they are continuing to migrate from the old system and onboard new customers and schools. This new system has allowed them the opportunity to grow their business, get more schools involved, and not only increase their sales but also their bottom line.

PayK12 has surpassed all previously held user, sales, and revenue awards. Since their new software debut in 2020, they have processed over $18 million in 1.7 million orders to date in 2022.