Software Solves Social Distancing

  • Lauren Dodrill
  • September 28, 2020

In this current environment, social distancing plays a vital role in all aspects of our daily life. As we continue to modify the way we interact with others and ease our way into this new era of social interaction, technology is also playing a role.                              

For businesses to stay connected with their audience, adjustments have needed to be made. Even through these challenges, it has been an exciting experience to buckle down, get innovative, and change our way of thinking. We have been able to come together with many clients and discover ways software can solve social distancing. 

We have been brainstorming with the Local Technical Assistance Program with Purdue University (otherwise known as LTAP) in building a new Learning Management System (LMS). This system is able to help pivot the change from in-person classes and training events to online learning. Before, certain training classes were only available a few times a year and were required in person. Now, they are being moved online to provide more opportunities to train and teach. 

We have also been working with Fight For Life’s program, Building Dreams. It is well known that schools have had to make some dramatic changes when entering this new academic year. With Building Dreams, students are able to complete Social Emotional Learning lessons through their curriculum. Before, students had a physical workbook that has follow up activities to each lesson. Now, they are able to have a digital version of the curriculum so students can have access during remote learning. Along with the new digital workbook, Building Dreams now has online student assessments available. This system is designed to evaluate how students are feeling, their level of stress, and the characteristics/concerns of a student’s home environment. Click here to learn more about this new system and see photos! 

We have other clients that can’t move their events online, like PAYK12. PAYK12 is a cloud-based software platform that provides K-12 school districts and the departments within, one digital hub for managing school payments and funds, including tickets to performances and sporting events. Since school systems have had to implement all kinds of new safety protocols, we have been working on curating a new “Social Distancing Feature”. This feature allows their schools’ venues to mark off a set number of seats and rows so that tickets can only be sold to people in a manner that ensures social distancing between groups.

Several other clients of ours have had to change the way in which they operate and we’ve been able to innovate and enable them to adapt. What challenges are you facing that may be worth a conversation?