Quillo wanted to leverage technology to reach their audience in the field where they worked.

What We Did:
  • Online Community
  • Learning Algorithm
  • Video Library
Technology Stack:
  • C#
  • Web API
  • Microsoft SQL
  • JQuery
  • Azure WebJobs
  • Azure Media Services

"Counterpart helped me as a founder and non technical person take this vision of improving people’s lives and turn that into a workable, effective platform that is achieving the impact that we wanted. They took us from a passion to improve an industry and a vision based on research in this community to a solution that is having the desired impact of the dream that I had five years ago."

John Dickerson

Founder & CEO

The Client

Direct service providers commit their lives to supporting others every day.  With limited time, resources, and primarily only hearing from their leaders when there is a problem, it is often a thankless and tiring profession. This makes it extra difficult for them to remember who they are caring for and why. This often results in a loss of motivation and burnout which causes some organizations to experience extremely high annual turnover rates–as much as 90%. This has a direct effect on the people they are serving.

Quillo’s goal was to target agencies who provide care to those with disabilities because research showed that when employees feel engaged, inspired, and educated, they are more likely to feel connected to their work and therefore less likely to leave. Quillo believed they had a solution and wanted to leverage technology to reach their audience in the field where they worked.

The Challenge

Quillo Pro, was a tool born out of positive motivation and culture. Together, we set out to build an innovative desktop and mobile app that delivers engaging, inspiring, and educational content to caregivers. These videos are able to strengthen values, and help both the agencies and staff be more connected as well as effective in what they do.

Quillo Pro understands the power behind, short and simple videos. So we mixed some fun, algorithmic-like YouTube elements and concepts based on positive psychology, and modern management techniques to create curated 60-second or less videos. These videos can range from being inspirational to tips and tricks. They are set up in a private, invite-only environment. The concept behind this was that taking a small moment of your day to watch a minute or two’s worth of positive reinforcement and educational content can have a powerful change in both mindset and organizational culture.

The Solution

Since their launch in 2018, Quillo found that 42% of end users reported the relationship with their supervisor improved after six months and 72% of users said their relationship of caring for those with disabilities also improved.

As they were in the midst of launching their company, the pandemic happened. However, during this time, they found themselves running into an interesting process of continuing to find new needs in this community. By seeing real success stories from staff and organizations in Quillo Pro, they also saw a need for those specifically supporting a loved one with a disability. This spawned Quillo Connect.

Quillo Connect is in the same app as Quillo Pro, but with a different user interface. It combines the elements of Quillo Pro and offers a direct channel for communication between state developmental disability agencies and the people they support.

Users of Quillo Connect are able to find a community to join that is privatized to a particular creator. It is based around the concept of a circle where the focal point of that circle is the person with the disability and building a support system around them. It is a very personalized experience and catered to the person with the disability. You can also belong to more than one circle if you have multiple family members or care for multiple people. Each circle has their own tailored video feed particular to the person that is the focal point of that circle.

This is a growing library of short videos covering multiple domains such as daily life & employment, healthy living, safety & security, and more! They are excited to be connecting thousands of users daily to the resources and inspiration they need.