PDx faced a challenge in scaling their market expertise to effectively reach their customer base.

What We Did:
  • Fully custom workflow automation
  • Full business solution
  • E-Commerce
  • Scalable solutions
  • Healthcare Industry Software
  • Customer Experience Improvement
Technology Stack:
  • C#
  • Angular Web Framework
  • MS SQL
  • MVC
  • Azure WebJobs

The [Counterpart] team is very smart. You have surrounded yourself with very capable people who ask very good questions, they challenge us intellectually on what our product should be and they deliver very talented results.

Patrick Turner


The Client

Purchase Diagnostix (PDx), a SaaS e-commerce platform for health care industries, was facing a challenge where they were unable to scale their expertise to reach their customer base effectively. Although they had a deep understanding of their market and knew how to make an impact, they struggled to implement their market expertise in a way that could be delivered to their customers on a larger scale. 

To tackle this issue, they realized they needed to streamline the ordering process. Their customers were scattered across various vendors, and each order was being placed in a fragmented manner. To take control of this situation and centralize the process, they decided to build their own software. This software allowed them to consolidate the orders from thousands of customers, who were previously going to hundreds of different vendors, and bring them into a single, manageable platform.

By creating this software, they were able to take charge of the ordering process, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience for their customers. It allowed them to apply their market expertise effectively and efficiently, providing a better service and ultimately leading to their growth and success.

The Challenge

PDx has been extremely satisfied with their software solution, describing it as a truly wonderful experience. Counterpart not only delivered exactly what was needed but also proactively asked important and intelligent questions to gain a deep understanding of the client’s industry. This approach led to the incorporation of innovative ideas, some that had not been previously considered, making the solution even more valuable.

The collaboration with Counterpart was valuable, merging what was feasible with what needed to be accomplished while considering scalability. This strategic alignment successfully addressed a significant industry challenge related to data navigation, empowering PDx to scale their operations effectively to serve multiple customers with a small team. As a result, the solution not only provided a seamless user experience for their customers but also delivered an incredibly scalable experience for their business model. Overall, the solution has exceeded their expectations, and PDx is delighted to have partnered with Counterpart to achieve such outstanding results for their business.

The Solution

The solution provided has been truly transformative for PDx. The results have been evident in the remarkable growth and scalability that they have achieved. Previously, as their business expanded, the workload became more challenging to manage, diverting focus away from growth initiatives. However, with their new software, their work has become incredibly scalable, freeing up valuable time and resources to concentrate on business expansion.

The impact on customer experience has been nothing short of phenomenal. In the past, there were limitations in accommodating certain customer requests, which could only be addressed in a cumbersome and manual manner. However, with the software in place, their organization has become more agile and nimble, enabling them to respond effectively to customer-specific questions and issues without the need for customer specific coding. This newfound flexibility has proven to be a game-changer, allowing their business to cater to individual customer needs while maintaining control over a wider customer base. The software’s adaptability has been a key factor in enhancing customer satisfaction and overall business success.