OA's custom software platform connects all of their systems, allowing workflows to progress seamlessly.

What We Did:
  • Third-party integration
Technology Stack:
  • C#
  • JQuery
  • MS SQL
  • Web API

"I was tired of people telling me, 'You can't do that.' [Counterpart] showed me that I could. [Counterpart] knows technology and I know my business. They gave me the options I really needed to take. The process of working with [Counterpart] delegated the right amount of control to the right people at the right time."

Tim Hornung


The Client

When Otolaryngology Associates (OA) approached us, they needed to automate fax sending to its extensive network of physicians. However, after some collaborative architecting, we discovered that it wasn’t simply a fax issue that needed addressing—the organization was facing a full system integration challenge. With four independent systems, OA was riddled with inefficiencies, wasting hundreds of employee hours every year on manual tasks.

The Challenge

OA’s custom software platform—dubbed the Transcription Cube—connects all of their systems, allowing the workflow to progress seamlessly. Here’s a synopsis of how we pulled it all together to form the Transcription Cube:

  • We integrated with OA’s practice management system. This allows for storage of patient and appointment information that doctors can easily access while prepping for visits.
  • We integrated with OA’s two dictation tools, Dragon Dictate and Global Medical Transcription. This enables doctors to capture their transcribed notes immediately in the Cube.
  • We integrated with OA’s electronic medical records system, SRS. Before, doctors had to manually upload and update their notes. Now, they’re immediately pushed to SRS upon transcription.
  • We integrated with OA’s faxing system. The Cube faxes the referring and/or primary care physician a letter documenting the results of the patient’s visit.
  • Bonus: An active directory integration means that as soon as OA users log onto their computers, they have access to the Transcription Cube and all of its integrations.

The Solution

With over 700 faxes sent a week, OA and its physicians were spending hundreds of hours every year on sending faxes alone—not to mention, all the time spent on record keeping and other administrative tasks. By eliminating these time consuming tasks, the ROI on the Transcription Cube will be seen within the first 27 months of deployment. This ROI does not take into consideration any other features or efficiencies designed into the Transcription Cube. The overall ROI for the Transcription Cube will conservatively be seen within 12 months of deployment.