Membershine wanted tailor-made software that would cater to their particular requirements and keep up with the swiftly changing digital environment.

What We Did:
  • We built a custom HOA Management software for handling Payments/Dues, Voting, and various tools for management of their users/events/amenities. This custom website theme builder is leveraged for custom HOA Websites.
Technology Stack:
  • C#
  • Web API/MVC
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Angular JS
  • Javascript
  • Entity C#

Counterpart spent almost five hours, sitting down and going through line by line what it is that we wanted to do to really understand our project. They understood the nomenclature that I was using. I would say I needed a ticketing system and they were finishing my sentences before I was even done. The vision was there, the implementation is where Counterpart really shined.

Clayton Thompson

Founder & CEO

The Client

Membershine encountered an obstacle in developing tailor-made software that would cater to their particular requirements and keep up with the swiftly changing digital environment. The biggest problem they faced was that companies were spending thousands of dollars managing multiple software systems to support their members, which added to the complexity that they were undertaking. Despite engaging in a lengthy quotation process, they projected that it would require 2-3 years and millions of dollars to develop the software they desired, leaving them disheartened and uncertain about the project’s feasibility

The Challenge

Counterpart’s team met with Membershine’s founders and listened to their vision for the software. They worked together to create a roadmap and identified the key features that needed to be included. Counterpart’s unique approach of working on the project in two week sprints, meant that Membershine was able to achieve their MVP in just 12 months. This was an incredibly exciting milestone for the team, as their software now can provide a single, secure, customizable, cloud-redundant platform for each unique entity to facilitate their member management and operations.

It was exciting for Membershine to see that what they had built with Counterpart was being used and highly reviewed by their members. When they first started using the software, they had only 15 people using it, when it launched in 2021. Membershine now has big plans for the future of their new membership management software, such as adding event bookings, amenities rentals and and even fundraising features through the software.

The Solution

Membershine’s partnership with Counterpart and the custom software solution that we developed together has resulted in exceptional success as of 2023. The software has been processing over $165,000 a month and is projected to triple in the near future. Since day one, it has allowed Membershine to sell to over 300 organizations, and they now have over 55,000 members using their product. These results have exceeded their expectations and given them endless possibilities for the future of their business.

One of the biggest challenges for Membershine was finding a partner they could trust to deliver on their vision. But with Counterpart’s real, professional, and effective approach to software development, they were able to create a software platform that allows their business to scale and meet their goals. Membershine is excited about the future and the endless possibilities they can create with their new software, and they credit Counterpart for making it happen.