Keramida chose custom software because they didn't want to sacrifice or change aspects of their processes to fit a stringent, off-the-shelf platform.

What We Did:
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Technology Stack:
  • C#
  • JQuery
  • MS SQL
  • Web API

"We have been happy, not just with the final product, but the process along the way. We felt like [Counterpart] was really looking out for our best interests. That’s been the foundation of the partnership we’ve built."

Wesley Fleming

Project Engineer

The Client

KERAMIDA is a global provider of comprehensive environmental, health & safety, sustainability, and remediation consulting and engineering services. Their team realized an opportunity existed to create a tool to help maintain its extensive database of regulations, compliance records, and other client data, in real time.

At the time, project management was a disparate process. Project managers organized client compliance records and deadlines manually, using digital files, hard copies, or a combination of both. While this model worked, it made for inconsistent employee and client experiences.

KERAMIDA explored various off-the-shelf software solutions to create the cohesive experience it was after, but didn’t want to sacrifice or change aspects of their processes to fit a stringent platform.

The Challenge

Rather than altering KERAMIDA’s internal processes to fit a conventional software solution, we built a fully custom, web-based client portal—nicknamed K-Port—to fit all of the team’s needs.

K-Port is a tool used by both the KERAMIDA team and KERAMIDA’s clients to improve environmental and health & safety (EHS) management. The portal features:

  • A compliance calendar tailored to each individual client’s EHS compliance obligations and tasks,
  • Deadlines with automated reminders to clients and KERAMIDA as deadlines approach,
  • Task-specific file sharing and document storage functionality,
  • Permissions management around who can see and do what in the portal, and
  • Functionality that allows KERAMIDA to perform and document inspections on site, in real time.

The Solution

Before, the burden of remembering deadlines, and reminding and enforcing compliance tasks with clients, landed solely on each project manager to see through. Now, managers can automate these tasks to meet each client’s needs, creating not only an extra layer of accountability, but efficiency and transparency too! Both project manager and client know exactly when and what’s been completed, and what’s still to come. And with a centralized place to organize this workflow, files, communications, and records are no longer lost in a shuffle of email chains.

What’s more, KERAMIDA’s clients have leveraged K-Port for their internal processes, putting it to use for their own location management and team oversight.

The deployment of K-Port has truly changed how KERAMIDA’s team functions. The team can now spend less time manually managing regulatory compliance, and more time focusing on growing their client base and deepening existing relationships.