What began as a project to jumpstart innovation resulted in a tool that empowers Launchpad’s entire mission.

What We Did:
  • Full business solution
  • Third-party integrations
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Technology Stack:
  • Angular
  • C#
  • MVC
  • MicrosoftSQL

"[Counterpart] was truly interested in helping us accomplish our goals. This was not just a contract or another project for them. This relationship was totally transparent and collaborative, giving us confidence as we were doing something that had never been done before in our organization.”

Braylon Hancock

Braylon Hancock Director of Innovation

The Client

Community Launchpad (Launchpad), the innovation company of Community Health Network, is harnessing the power of consumer-focused innovation in order to create a world where healthcare works for the people who need it.

When Launchpad first began, it was faced with the challenge of engaging its entire network of 16,000 employees, and finding a way to create excitement around innovation. In 2014, the team conceptualized a Shark Tank-like competition and invited all Community Health Network employees to participate by submitting ideas for patient-centered innovations. The inaugural competition took the network by storm, sparking more than 800 submissions in nearly three weeks. Based on the levels of enthusiasm from participants and leadership alike, Launchpad determined to host the Competition as an annual event, while also introducing the concept to likeminded healthcare systems.

The Challenge? The process of collecting, evaluating, voting on, and routing the hundreds of submissions was 100% manual, and involved countless spreadsheets, large volumes of data, and mass communications. Community Launchpad needed a tool that simplified the cumbersome process of hosting a competition, in order to make the process simple, efficient, and intuitive for everyone involved.

The Challenge

Together, we architected Telluscope, an innovation adoption platform that centralizes the generation, management and development of a company’s ideas. The unique spelling of Telluscope calls out the words “tell” and “us”, because Launchpad wanted to encourage its employees to share their innovative ideas for redefining healthcare in order to create a better experience for the consumer. This completely custom software solution translates Launchpad’s competition workflow into a seamless digital experience, accessible from any device. Telluscope was created with busy, on-the-go health professionals in mind. Some of its functionality includes:

  • Themed evaluations allow administrators to create evaluation structure that aligns with the types of innovation they’re seeking, while eliminating decision-making bias.
  • A built-in search engine that enables the seamless sharing of ideas, solutions and best practices, and breaks down silos from one part of a company to another.
  • An analytics dashboard synthesizes the most important data in Telluscope, and presents it in a way that is easily accessible and understandable.
  • Simple-sign-on design means implementation and integration of Telluscope places little to no strain on IT teams.

Telluscope prioritizes quick, simple and user-friendly engagement. In this way, Telluscope helps fuel ongoing innovation, even in fast-paced work environments.

The Solution

Telluscope’s impact within Community Health Network goes beyond automating a complex process. Because of the support Telluscope has provided, Launchpad has been able to expand and accelerate its strategic initiatives internally, creating a culture of innovation at Community Health Network that is shaping the future of healthcare. Organizations that have licensed Telluscope have realized similar outcomes, benefiting from the unique capabilities of the software.

What began as a project meant to jumpstart innovation at Community Health Network has resulted in a tool that empowers Launchpad’s entire mission.