Marlin Jackson, founder of the Fight For Life Foundation, identified a pivotal challenge that led to the creation of their customized software solution, Building Dreams.

What We Did:
  • Social and Emotional Learning Assistance Platform
Technology Stack:
  • C#/.NET
  • Web API/MVC
  • Microsoft SQL
  • AngularJS
  • Javascript

You know, with technology you can be creative, and you can have ideas but you need technical expertise, right? And that is where Counterpart comes into play. We may have ideas, we may have a vision, but they can actually turn it into reality and make it tangible. They are not going to just listen, they are going to be intuitive and they are going to add to it. It’s the type of partnership that you need when you are just getting started as a Software as a Service organization. You need somebody that is dependable, reliable, that you can trust, and that is everything they [Counterpart] have been for us and it has made it so much easier to actually carry out and execute our mission.

Marlin Jackson

Founder & CEO

The Client

Marlin Jackson, founder of the Fight For Life Foundation, identified a pivotal challenge that led to the creation of their customized software solution, Building Dreams. The core issue revolved around the organization’s struggle to maintain clear oversight of their program implementations, and the difficulty in efficiently collecting, processing, storing, and analyzing data for impact reporting. The reliance on manual labor for data collection and analysis posed a significant bottleneck, prompting the need for a systematic approach that could engage their target population in data collection while ensuring easy access to the analyzed information. Moreover, Jackson highlighted the critical need for a scalable infrastructure, as the Foundation aspired to transition from a handful of sites to potentially hundreds or even thousands. Their existing infrastructure was insufficient to support this expansion, which further ignited their interest in software development as a viable solution to address these multifaceted challenges.

The Challenge

Jackson expressed his resounding satisfaction with the impact of Building Dreams on the Fight For Life Foundation, characterizing it as a transformative force within the organization. The software has ushered in a new era of digital operations, empowering them to oversee programs, innovate, and embrace systematic approaches, particularly in areas like social-emotional learning and trauma-informed care, which were previously reliant on traditional materials. The software’s scalability has been a game-changer, leading to year-over-year revenue growth, validating the Foundation’s leadership in these domains, and solidifying their status as champions of evidence-based education strategies. Importantly, Building Dreams has attracted significant attention and support from schools, youth development organizations, and funders, further reinforcing its pivotal role in the Foundation’s remarkable journey.

The Solution

In a recent assessment of the results yielded by the Building Dreams software, a notable theme emerged—increased impact across multiple facets. The software has not only enhanced the educational experience for direct beneficiaries, the students, but has also left a significant mark on the broader school community, including educators and administrators. Furthermore, it extends its reach to engage families and facilitate meaningful connections within the surrounding community. One of the standout outcomes is the software’s capacity to streamline reporting, delivering vital metrics related to academic performance, attendance, and social-emotional well-being. This achievement owes itself to the robust technological infrastructure Counterpart built. Ultimately, Building Dreams has evolved into a comprehensive systems-level solution, transcending the limitations of a short-term curriculum, and seamlessly integrating into the cultural and environmental fabric. This systematic approach now enables stakeholders to gain clarity and a profound understanding of the dynamics concerning students, educators, and families, fostering the effective fulfillment of diverse needs.