Work in Progress: Quillo – Inspiring, Engaging and Educating Caregivers

  • Drew Linn
  • October 26, 2017

For forty years, John Dickerson has worked to transform the way families and people with disabilities organize to solve challenges. It’s that passion that led him to connect with WDD and to build Quillo, an app that helps agencies engage, educate, and inspire caregivers of people with disabilities by delivering relevant, digestible content.

Quillo app

It’s not unheard of for caregiver agencies to experience annual turnover of up to 90%. And with often limited resources, it’s difficult for agencies to provide round-the-clock support for their caregivers. The app’s goal is to help agencies engage their caregivers. The result? Empowered and well-equipped caregivers, and thus, lower turnover and better care for the clients they serve.

Stronger Engagement, Better Care

Quillo does this by providing daily 60-second video clips in four categories: daily focus, share experiences, learn together, and take a moment. The pieces address the challenges that caregivers can face in their daily work, and provide not only practical and actionable advice but a sense of community too. Additionally, profile and log functionalities allow caregivers to capture client activities and notes. What’s more, it’s all accessible on the go from their mobile device.

As the WDD team continues to polish the app through its beta testing stage, John is focused on telling Quillo’s story and engaging investors to help see the Quillo vision to fruition. On October 25, John attended the weekly installment of 1 Million Cups, where he introduced Quillo to the community.


Next up? Onboarding presale clients in November. We can’t wait to see how Quillo will help to better the relationships and lives of people with disabilities, their families, and their caregivers! 

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