WDD’s Perkanality – What is it?

  • Drew Linn
  • May 1, 2015

What happens when a bunch of software geeks get together to describe the list of benefits and perks that make WDD our home?  One word:  Perkanality.  We’re so creative we even made t-shirts to go with our effort to describe the many attributes that make WDD different than most other development firms.

We attempted to itemize all the various benefits afforded to WDD team members (i.e. no time cards, technology allowances, profit-sharing, etc).  And we highlighted them in these colorful t-shirts.  The shirts debuted at the Rose-Hulman Spring Career Fair this past April and the prospects (and some faculty) snatched them up.

What are some of the benefits you would include in your company’s perkanality?

perkanality tshirt back1 perkanality tshirt front

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