Unsexy Tech

  • jason
  • May 6, 2014

We live in a magical world of technology. Our SmartPhones are pathways into data, entertainment and communication we never dreamed about even five years ago. My always-frugal neighbor recently purchased a LCD TV that is probably bigger than his first apartment. And my 80-year-old in-­laws drive a luxury car with features that they will never be able to understand, let alone use.

We view technology as new, exciting bright and shining elements in our lives. Every new tech bauble is adored, sometime flaunted, and embraced as proof of our position in this new world of geekdom. It is a great time to be alive.

What you and your friends don’t see or talk about is the city-sized datacenter that supports your Siri conversations. Or the years of research that preceded my neighbor’s too-large LCD TV so it could be sold at a ‘frugal’ price. And my father-­in-law hasn’t the faintest idea that his luxury car contains more processing power than all of the moon missions combined. As the Wizard of Oz said, ‘Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.’

Unsexy Tech is where the wizards of tech play.

Unsexy Tech is where the wizards of tech play – the magic behind the curtain that makes your flirtation with technology possible. Unsexy Tech is the seemingly simple access to the entirety of the world’s knowledge, the email that will reach you anywhere on earth, and your Facebook connection to lives of people you love.

WDD Software is a company that lives behind that curtain. We are the wizards (OK, geeks) who build the technological foundations that support the magical world that most people think of when they think tech. We’ve built databases of enormous complexity, interfaces to vast arrays of hardware, and call centers that sell hundreds of millions of dollars of corn a year. We’ve also built software that runs family-owned bakeries, designed SmartPhone apps that collect receipts for sororities, and member portals that support the collection of data from churches across Indiana – not as impressive as our bigger projects, unless you’re a bakery, sorority or church.

We work with design, website and promotional firms to build the really geeky technology that supports their Sexy Tech. Look for us behind the curtain.