New name, same team

While our company has existed and thrived for nearly 25 years, our brand footprint hasn’t quite matched up. We have a talented team that creates real, tangible impact for our clients that goes beyond slinging code. Our solutions are comprehensive—we look at all aspects of a company and its processes. And above all else, we value our client and community relationships. We don’t want to be seen as merely vendors and order takers, but as partners; counterparts to our clients.     


Our evolution

We knew we needed to make an intentional effort around distinguishing our identity in the competitive landscape. And with a transfer in ownership and leadership from our founders to our current partners, the time for a brand refresh was now.



As we look to our next 25 years and beyond, we’ll do so under the Counterpart banner. But we’re not changing who we are. We still provide the same services with the same level of excellence that we have for years.  We’re just going to do it with a redefined voice and a fresh look. On December 6, WDD Software will officially be Counterpart—but really, we always have been. 

Help us spread the word by saying #HelloCounterpart!



Why did WDD change its name?

In short, we want to match our identity to who we are today as a company. We want to remind our current clients that we are part of their team, not merely vendors. And we want to engage those who don’t know us, with an identity that accurately represents who we are.

What does this mean for me?

Honestly, not much! This rename and rebrand hasn’t changed who we are or the services or level of service we provide—we simply wanted an updated name and look that accurately represents us.

Where else can I connect with Counterpart?

Our handle is @counterpartbiz across all major social channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Where can I get some Counterpart swag?

Email Teresa, Counterpart marketing director, with your contact information and she’ll send you a surprise!