Loren Cronin

Design Director Loren Cronin became interested in web design at a young age. She grew up building websites with Yahoo Geocities while learning HTML and CSS. Her love for design and front-end development continued, which led her to earn a bachelor’s degree in web design and interactive media from The Art Institute of Indianapolis in 2012.

Loren began her career as a freelance developer at Plow Digital before becoming a full-time developer and designer for MediaFuel in 2014. She worked there as Creative Director for two years before joining our team at Counterpart. Loren designs and builds beautiful and intuitive user interfaces. She loves creating designs that solve problems and watching them come to life on the web.

Outside the office, Loren enjoys spending time with her husband, two pugs, and Australian shepherd. She also loves horseback riding, playing the Sims, traveling, and reading.