Jason Bourg

Jason Bourg is the Chief Technology Officer and visionary leader of the Counterpart team. As one of Counterpart’s first employees, he worked side by side with the founding partners building the success of the company and positioning the organization as one of Indiana’s longest-standing software development companies.

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jason began his career with Counterpart immediately following his graduation from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. He started out as a Software Quality Assurance professional before moving to the role of Project Manager. With the acumen for identifying a client’s needs and developing cutting-edge solutions, he quickly progressed within the company, serving as Lead Project Manager and Software Architect for many of the Counterpart clients.

He views his personal and professional life as one in the same. On his first date with his wife, they swung by the Counterpart office. When he made the decision to propose to her, where did he do it? The Counterpart lobby.

Jason enjoys gaming, spending time with his family and flexing his culinary muscles in the kitchen, creating unique dishes showcasing his Cajun heritage.