Jake Rogers

Developer Jake Rogers has a penchant for results-driven problem solving. Ever since Jake first tried his hand at coding—which wasn’t until a year and a half into his college career at Indiana University—he was drawn to the continuous challenge of thinking in new and creative ways. With that, he abandoned his astrophysics course of study to pursue a computer science degree with a specialization in intelligent systems, and never looked back.

Jake was born in Indianapolis, but moved with his family due east to the tiny town of Wilkinson when he was a toddler. He loved growing up in a rural area, but also appreciated the diversity that his college town of Bloomington had to offer. Outside of coding, Jake enjoys playing video and board games, reading, woodworking, and volunteering.  

Jake describes himself as a life-long learner. He thrives on helping his clients find efficient software solutions to solve their business challenges.