IHSAA Scores with Technology

  • Drew Linn
  • February 22, 2019

Founded in 1903, Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) exists to encourage and direct wholesome amateur athletics in the high schools of Indiana.  It regulates, supervises and administers inter-school athletic activities across 21 sports. As a voluntary, non-profit, self-supporting organization, IHSAA does not use any public funding.  Because of this, it operates as a very lean organization with a staff of 20 overseeing and facilitating athletic activities involving more than 160,000 athletes.

Over the last decade or more, their two-person IT department has used spreadsheets, emails and web pages to coordinate the activities of athletic directors, officials, coaches, student athletes, and IHSAA administrators.  This process has evolved as newer technology tools became available, but remained a very manual process that required IT to be involved in nearly every activity.

IHSAA Upgrades Its Technology and Workflow

In 2016, IHSAA began architecting a custom association management system (AMS) designed around the specific functions of the organization and the various stakeholders.  We kicked off development in summer 2017, and began rolling out features in early 2018. The resulting platform is myIHSAA and it has been a HIT! 

The platform not only has received accolades across the board, it has enabled IHSAA to continue without filling a vacancy in their IT department—a vacancy that would have severely handicapped the organization prior to myIHSAA.  An athletic director called to let them know “…this is unbelievable and really simple…” as well as “…what a blessing! Good work!”  An athletic administrative assistant wrote, “I want to applaud the person responsible for the upgrade to the wrestling weight management system!  It has been so easy to work with.”

An assistant commissioner for IHSAA wrote, “I LOVE the build!  This is quite a change from (the) past process, but so much more inclusive of valuable information during the assigning process, which was (use to be) captured and referenced via a spreadsheet.”

Be sure to check back as we capture specific metrics on the impact myIHSAA is having throughout IHSAA’s membership base.  In the meantime, check out a more detailed look at the platform here.

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