The Challenge

School entrances are often a revolving door of parents, volunteers, vendors, and other visitors. Providing visitors with safe access to a school is one of the most important roles in prioritizing student safety. Safe Hiring Solutions (SHS) saw a growing need to support schools in their efforts to efficiently screen and monitor incoming traffic. After creating a proof of concept for a product named SafeVisitor, SHS partnered with Counterpart to take their idea to production.

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The Solution

The way it works is simple: visitors check in to the school by scanning their driver’s license or by registering online beforehand. The SafeVisitor platform runs a quick and comprehensive background check that can also screen against a local exclusion list managed by the school. Once the visitor’s background check is cleared, they are issued an ID badge valid for the next six to eight hours. More permanent badges can be produced for frequent visitors (i.e. parents and volunteers). Other features include emergency notifications, and a geofencing system paired with a mobile app.

SafeVisitor takes a matter of minutes to set up and doesn’t require any outside on-boarding, providing a quick and comprehensive solution for any school. Additionally, badges are scanned by generic bar code scanners, so proprietary equipment is unnecessary.

  • Full Business Integration
  • Third-party Integrations
  • Angular
  • C#
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  • Web API

The Results

SafeVisitor has been implemented in multiple school districts around the country.

Since launching SafeVisitor, the group saw a need for facility management systems beyond schools and has since expanded its offerings to include corporate market solutions!