The Challenge

Many of us have been there: you’re trying to exit a parking garage when the machine doesn’t recognize your credit card, the receipt printer jams, you’ve lost your parking ticket, or any number of other problems. A line of cars begins to crowd behind you. You fumble with the squawking, fuzzy intercom, or anxiously await a parking attendant to come help.

Parker came to us wanting to change that experience, and to take the parking industry into the future.

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Face-to-face customer service

The Solution

We worked with Parker to build an exciting new product—also appropriately named Parker—that would connect drivers to parking attendants in a control center in realtime, using a two-way audio/video platform.

Parker offers an intuitive, simple interface that allows drivers entering and exiting a parking garage to speak face-to-face with an experienced service representative, regardless of time or place! High definition video chat allows any problem to be solved with ease in the moment, ensuring an efficient and personalized customer service experience.

Additionally, Parker is a web-based platform. This means garages can implement Parker without expensive proprietary hardware, making it an affordable option for operators and facility owners.

  • Full business solution
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • C#
  • JQuery
  • MS SQL
  • SignalR
  • Web API
  • WebRTC

The Results

Gone are the days of the static ridden intercom systems that seem to cause more problems than they solve. Parker delivers a future where customer service can actually be enjoyable. You can find Parker across the globe, from the U.S. to Japan.

From banking and travel, to education and the food industry, the two-way audio/video technology that Parker offers will soon be seen across countless industries.

Parker will be ubiquitous in the parking industry within the next five years. Everybody will know about it and every company in some way, shape or form will use it."