Among Us: Coding Language Edition

  • Lauren Dodrill
  • December 7, 2020

If you haven’t heard, the game “Among Us” has been exploding since this summer. It is an exciting online multiplayer social deduction game. It takes place in a space-themed setting where players take on one of two roles, the Imposter or a Crewmate. The goal is simple, you and your crewmates run around the ship and complete your tasks. The catch? The Imposter (or two) are to work against the crewmates by sabotaging and picking them off one by one. It is an exciting game for all ages!

With that being said, there has been a fun trend going around where people have been stereotyping the colors of the characters in “Among Us” to many different categories. We are talking Game of Thrones, Disney’s Heroes and Villains, Marvel Super Heroes, and more! So we thought to hop on the trend and connect this fun game to what we know best, software. Check out our Among Us Stereotypes: Coding Language Edition down below!

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