Breea Hosier

As Chief Financial Officer, Breea Hosier is the core that holds Counterpart together. From accounting and payroll to forecasting and budgeting, Breea is responsible for everything financial. However, operations does not stop there. She also manages human resources and employee benefits as well as maintaining Counterpart’s Perkanality that defines and protects our quality and professional yet family-oriented environment.

Along with doing everything necessary to keep Counterpart performing, she plays a significant role in Counterpart’s community involvement. Like every small business, Breea is challenged with staying up to date on Federal and State requirements, adjusting to economic and market shifts, as well as providing guidance and recommendations on all business and employee matters.

In addition, she also helps coordinate staff and client meetings and events. She does what it takes to keep our “geeks” delivering smart, secure, scalable software in a manner that reflects the quality and personality our clients expect.

Outside of the office, Breea enjoys spending time with her twin boys, watching movies and playing basketball.