Andrew Doering, Custom Software Developer

Andrew Doering

Developer Andrew Doering is a Hoosier in a true sense of the word. Not only did he grow up in Bloomington, but he’s also a graduate from the Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing. Andrew has spent his career in the tech world, with a history of success in several sectors including services, product development, and IT.

Andrew’s innate curiosity makes him a perfect fit for the Counterpart team. While he’s an expert in development, unit testing, DBMS, X++, and C#, he strives to stay well-rounded by continually exploring other programming languages and technologies.

If Andrew didn’t follow his passion for programming, he thinks he may have become a film editor. His outdoor enthusiast parents took his family on many adventurous trips growing up. He loved shooting and editing mini documentaries of their experiences in the Galapagos Islands, Cayman Islands, and other outdoor havens. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys playing video and board games, sometimes streaming to his Twitch channel.